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Our products are categorized into three major segments, Health Care Packaging, FMCG Packaging and IMFL Packaging.

Health Care Packaging:

A pioneer in Pet Packaging for Health Care Sector, they were the first to produce small bottles on two stage. Today they have a fine combination of Single Stage and Two Stage to get the best quality and Value to their Customers. A complete range of Pharma Pet bottles are manufactured by Alpet Containers.

FMCG Packaging:

Polyethylene Terephthelate (PET) molded containers used for FMCG packaging is known for their Crystal Clear Clarity and Transparency, they can be blow molded into dynamic shapes and sizes which include oblong, round, flat, narrow, wide etc. Pet Containers form High Precision Neck which can be suited to variety of Closure's like CRC, Flip Top, Trigger, Pump etc from 19mm to 45mm.

Advantages of FMCG Packaging:
  • Higher Clarity and Transparency than other Polymer Packaging
  • Better Glow of Colored Container Double Tone, Pearlescent, Opaque and Frosted.
  • Better Fitting of Closure due to a more Precision Neck.
  • Bottles can be customized further by Pad Printing, Screen printing, Shrink Sleeved and Hot Foil Stamped.

IMFL Packaging:

Indian Made Foreign Liqueur more commonly known as IMFL is today a very big market for Rigid Packaging ,We have all range of products from 180ml, 750ml, 1000ml for the IMFL companies and we have a large focus on this market.